Reflective Vinyl Motorcycle Helmet Safety Decal Stickers | 5 Pcs Made With 3M (Blue)


  • 5 pack of 0.8″x 3.5″ Retroreflective safety decal stickers made with real 3M Scotchlite reflective vinyl that reflects bright in low light conditions protecting you and what you love.
  • Easy to install, just prep your helmet, motorcycle, bike, scooter, RC car, truck or trailer with a good cleaning then peel and stick our Bright Knight Decals
  • Made with Engineering Grade material that has a 7 year outdoor weatherproof rating. our decals are designed to look good and keep you safe for a long time!
  • Safety: Being seen at night or in low light conditions is even more important than ever. BK Decals provides proven reflective technology that helps you be seen and helps you keep safe.
  • Made in the USA, just outside Louisville KY, by a small business force that has a focus on helping those with special needs to thrive and be a productive part of society!
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SMASH, CRASH, BOOM, OUCH!!! That’s what we try to help you avoid. Bright Knight Reflective was born out of my desire to be as safe as possible (I’m a dad of two special needs kiddos and need to be around for them) but I didn’t want to look ridiculous while doing it. We strive to bring you the best of the best of the best in terms of reflective technology and bring it to you in a well-sourced way. We take our 3M Scotchlite vinyl and cut it in-house, then package it either here or at some of our packager’s houses (being disability sensitive, we allow our workers to work where they can and they do a great job). All this is to bring you the best line of reflective safety decals and stickers you can get. Our 5-piece rectangle set is .9″ wide and 3.5″ long giving you a total of 15.75 square inches of reflective stickers, giving grandma that much more opportunity to see the back of your helmet and hit the brakes in time. Simply Clean your surface to remove all dirt, debris, oils, and such with a surface safe cleaner like isopropyl alcohol, mark where you want to apply your reflective decals, remove the decal from the backing, and place it at the desired target. Apply pressure from the center out in order to set adhesive and work any air bubbles towards the edges. Any remaining bubbles can be pierced and pressed out. Contact us with any questions or for installation help! We are customer-focused and want your installation to be as awesome as you are!


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