Grip For Nintendo Switch Lite Controller Accessories | Gaming Grip Set Rubber Grip Wrap Skins | Compatible With The Nintendo Switch Lite Controller By Dragon Grips (Black) Don’t Drop your Lite!!!


  • 💪 Maximum Grip. period. We use our military grade textured rubber grip material and designed it for your Nintendo Switch Lite controller. Not foam, it doesn’t physically stink, but it does provide a grip like nothing you have ever held before.
  • 💻 Computer designed off a 3D model to conform and fit your Switch Lite gaming console perfectly. At only .5mm thick, weighing only 8 grams your controller won’t feel heavy or fat in your hands but will provide the perfect anti-slip grip accessories for your gaming needs.
  • 🎮 Military and LEO material on your Switch Lite controller. Yes, this is the same material used by COD players and elite forces for their real weapons. This fits perfectly around the back shell of the Switch Lite for maximum protection and a full Grip experience.
  • 🚫 Stop dropping your controller, don’t let it slip and break the screen or the controls. Rock this grip set out and improve your skills.
  • 🇺🇸 Made in the USA by a small business using materials sourced in the USA. We offer a 1 year warranty for you heavy gamers who fear wearing out accessories…you won’t or we will replace it.
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Oh… BANANAS!!!  You know what I mean people!  You’ve all been driving your favorite ride in the famous Italian guy’s name cart game that certain platforms won’t let me name due to the protection of famous names.  So we will just say you are driving a 250cc go-cart with a guy named Lario or Muigi and this big hairy gorilla in front of you tosses out that big ole yellow banana, you know you’re going for an unpredictable ride.  Oh, that reminds me…  my Switch is yellow, and in-stock form, it feels about the same as Lario’s tires on that piece of littered fruit.  That’s where the inspiration came in for this project. As the owner and head designer at Dragon Grips, I know our product fills a specific niche.  If you want a huge, thick, case that offers 30ft drop protection and charges as your goldfish pedals its cage wheel…that’s not what we can help with.  What we can help with is how the Switch Lite was made to feel like in your hands, but without the slip tendencies.  See, our Grips are only .5mm thick, it’s not the 3mm thick case everyone else has.  And in that .5mm of grippy rubber goodness, comes the confidence you pro-level gamers need.  Oh, and another thing…we don’t measure up to the 200-gram weight that most cases come in at…we are at an astonishing 8 FREAKING GRAMS.  That’s 96% less weight than your average case!  Less weight means a more confident gaming experience that helps you last for hours with less hand, arm, and finger fatigue. So step right up all you party people and give this high-performance, lightweight, professional-level grip set a try for your Nintendo Switch Lite from your friends at Dragon Grips.


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