Gaming Keyboard Grips Set for Backlit Keycaps Mechanical Keyboard & Gamer Mouse (Clear) Self Adhesive | 35 Pc Set by Dragon Grips


  • ⌨️ 35 piece set – Customizable grip for gaming keyboards mice and more. Up your game with Dragon Grips Key cap grip set. Perfect for your directional Keys, Spacebar, WASD Control, Shift & Tab Keys or any other key on your gaming keyboard that you need precision and lightning response.
  • 🚫 Non slip clear rubberized self adhesive tactical grip decals for proper backlit display and key recognition. Easy to install, no key removal required. Dominate your competition with precision Keycap grips.
  • 💦 Sweat resistant comfortable easy to apply rubber grip stickers that help long gaming sessions from tactile loss or neurological stimulus loss normally associated with normal gaming keys. Endurance is key
  • 🔮 Enhanced feel and feedback while retaining your cool glow and visual aspects of, you know…being able to see your keys thought the grip. It’s clear, and bumpy, and sweet looking when lit up
  • 🐲 Made in the USA with materials sourced in the USA by people who value and help those with disabilities. You get amazing grips, destroy the competition, and you help out some amazing people…you win even before your game starts! You Rock!!!
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“Fuuuuuddddgeeee, how did I just hit the freakin Q key” 🤦‍♂️ Your hand slipped, your finger didn’t instantly recognize that it wasn’t on the W key. You’re on your 17th can of Mt. Dew, your fingers are sweating from the action and you needed to move forward…instead, you hit the stupid Q key and stood there and took the hit. I’ve been there, and I’m here to help make you the hero. We have a simple product. It’s a clearrubber texturized grip decal that you simply clean off your keys, and stick it on the top of them. We’ve been manufacturing these grips for everything from cell phone cases to gaming controllers for 5 years now and it’s about time we took care of our keyboard gamers in their time of need. Sorry it took so long but…we gotcha now! Taking care of everything from sweaty fingers to those with neuropathy (loss of feeling in the fingers from medical conditons), we want you to take back your game. We want to be that item selected outside of the game that helps you in the game to be the best you can. We want you to be the hero! I’ve included 16 standard keys, 3 tab sized, 3 shift sized, 2 space bar sized, and various other sizes (including 2 freaking dragon heads and two flames) for a total of 35 pieces of amazing tactical grip feeling for your keyboard. Customize it any way you want, and if you need something even a bit more odd than what the kit provides, you can customize them further with a pair of scissors to make what you need!

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 4 × 6 × .2 in


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