Gaming Controller Grip For All Controllers | Universal Game Control Grip Tape Set-18 Pieces | Grip Decals For PlayStation, Xbox, PS4, PS5, Elite | Also For Laptops, E-readers Tablets By Dragon Grips


  • 🐉 Dragon Grips Universal custom Rubber decal grips for your gaming controllers are the key component to up’ing your game skills. Our grips give you the precision and control that give you the winning edge.
  • 👍 Easy to apply textured rubberized non-slip grip decals only .5mm (Not Too Thick) PVC rubber with high quality adhesive. Just peel and stick on your your gaming controller buttons, triggers, joysticks or where ever you need the tactical grip.
  • 👋 Sweaty hands? Our designed for all gaming controllers grip kit provides a non-slip, full grip alternative to expensive professional gaming controller grips and skins. Gain better control and become your best gamer.
  • 🚫 Stop dropping your controller, don’t let it slip, don’t miss that shot or that corner because your finger moved off the d-pad. Rock this grip set out and improve your skills.
  • 🇺🇸 Our 18 piece Universal gaming controller grip kit made in Black are manufactured by a family owned company and our products are made right here in the USA with the help of our “Handicap able” children and friends.
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Dragon Grips Universal Controller Grip Set:

Grab onto something sturdy, ’cause we’re about to rock your gaming world!  That’s right, I’ve been geeking out, going through reviews, emails, text messages, pictures of smoke signals and trying to read sign language, and learning mime… all to give you what you want, what you NEED!

You wanted something simple, something to give standard and custom controllers some much-needed grip.  Something that is customizable, looks awesome, gives some anti-Cheetos and pork rind grippage, something thin enough to not be awkward in your rear kickin hands, and we delivered!

What you get is 18 hexagon strips including 2 at 5.35″, 2 at 4.75″,  2 at 2.50″, 2 at 1.85″, 2 single hexes, 4 round button grips, and 4 trigger grips (plus the extra that surrounds them all, we wanted to give you ever grip possible in that 4×6″ grip set).  If those pieces need to be customized, simply take your scissors, knife, utility knife, hedge trimmers and just cut them down to be the perfect size for where you want to put it.

We considered all the old school gaming system controllers and all the new ones, then took into consideration what you may need for your e-reader, tablet, or laptop, and put it all into an environmentally conscious, minimal packaging and put it right in front of you.  Now all you have to do is buy it and try it!  You’ll love it and you get the satisfaction of supporting a family-owned small business that is committed to buying all our raw materials right here in the USA.

“Dragon Grips, helping you hold onto what you love!”


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