Dragon Grips Xbox One Controller Grips | Rubber Grip Wrap Skins | Xbox One Controller Accessories | For Xbox Elite Controller 15 Piece Set (2 Pack) Includes: Thumb Stick, Triggers, Buttons, D-pad


  • 💪 Maximum Grip. period. We use our military grade textured rubber grip material and designed it for your Xbox one controller. Not foam, it doesn’t physically stink, but it does provide a grip like nothing you have ever held before.
  • 💻 Computer designed off a 3D model to conform and fit your Xbox controller perfectly. At only .5mm thick, your controller won’t feel fat in your hands but will provide the perfect anti-slip grip accessories for your gaming needs.
  • 🎮 Military and LEO material on your Xbox one controller. Yes, this is the same material used by COD players and elite forces for their real weapons. This fits perfectly around the shell of the Xbox one and elite controllers and we include the trigger pieces, the D-Pad, and the top buttons for a full Grip experience.
  • 🚫 Stop dropping your controller, don’t let it slip, don’t miss that shot or that corner because your finger moved off the d-pad. Rock this grip set out and improve your skills.
  • Made in the USA by a small business using materials sourced in the USA. We offer a 1 year warranty for you heavy gamers who fear wearing out accessories…you won’t or we will replace it.
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A long, long time ago, in a parking lot far away, a need was discovered. I had purchased my first iPhone, the super hip, super cool, super slick (that was the immediate problem here), iPhone 4S. I had gone from the cell store, put it in my pocket, driven to a home improvement store, got out of the car, went to retrieve it from my pocket to answer a call….and proceeded to drop it, then accidentally drop kick it halfway across the parking lot. Since that time, apple has not only increased the power and speed of its flagship product but exponentially increased the slickness of it as well. As an apple fan, I have had many iPhones since and had a plethora of cases trying to balance the need of protection, the looks, and something practical and thin. In 2017 I started Dragon Grips and immediately wanted to develop a skin, a wrap that would protect, provide grip, and look good while allowing the phone to be the star of the show that it was meant to be. They look amazing; until you put the case on… every case out there detracts from the beauty that the designers have created. I wanted to create something for the rugged minimalist, something simple, something strong. During testing, I stumbled upon something I didn’t expect. Everyone knows that cases all want to pass the 4 foot or 6 foot drop test. Many cases claim they protect from those kinds of falls but I honestly had little expectation from our .5mm thick rubber in protecting my $1000 phone. The 6 month testing provided some crazy insight though, I had not dropped my phone once (I’m a bit of a klutz so this was way too weird to ignore). Dragon Grips is not some magical magnetic force, it’s just a rubber material that provides a better surface to squeeze and get that grip. What was going on here? What appears to be going on is partially subconscious! Your brain knows that you have a $1000 phone without pool noodles protecting it from a fall, and uses your gross motor skills and strength to get a proper, D


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