We have brought you an ability to gain traction on the items in your life that simply are hard to hold onto. From your elegantly designed, newest line of cell phones to the common, everyday items that your aging fingers just can’t hold onto like they used to, we provide the ability to grip it better.

Cell Phones and Cases look amazing but the material they are made of is often slippery in your hand or on the arm of your favorite chair…we can help. That laptop that keeps sliding down your leg… we can help there too. That gaming mouse that your finger just keeps slipping off of, again…we can help! That pocket knife that just doesn’t have the right amount of textured grip,

Dragon Grips can give you that tactical advantage! That gun grip that is just a bit too rough, or too slick, maybe not quite soft enough… thousands of police and military use this material! What about your parents or grandparents who can’t grip the remote, their laptop slides on the floor under their chair or they can’t grip the nail clippers to do their own grooming…we can help with a bit of independence too.

Our product is simple but effective. A .5mm textured rubberized grip decal that is self-adhesive and sticks to most flat surfaces providing a greater ability for your fingers or palms to grab onto it. This is not an aggregate product that has particles of sand or hard substances but one made out of synthetic rubber that is softer than plastic but quite a bit more durable than the soft super grippy silicone products that have such a short lifespan. We have completed a lot of testing to bring you the product that we feel is the right balance between grippy and sticky, too hard and too soft.

Who are we? This business started as a side business to help teach our boy’s marketable skills. Both our little fellas have Down Syndrome so I wanted to be proactive, and give them as much time as possible to learn new skills and be productive citizens,