Dragon Grips For Playstation 4 PS4 Controller Grip Set Controller Accessories Grip Textured Rubber mod Pack Including Paddles, Trigger D-pad (Black 2pack)


  • 🎮 Grips for PS4 controller! Get a grip on with our PS4 controller grips set. 24 pieces that cover the grip, the triggers, the buttons and the Dpad. The perfect ps4 accessories all in one pack.
  • 🚫 STOP DROPPING YOUR CONTROLLER! Playstation controllers have never been more comfortable in your hand. Our military and Law enforcement proven Dragon Grips help keep all you gaming freaks glued to your controller without using messy grip glue or waxes.
  • 😱 Tactical inspired real grip thats only .5mm thick. This isn’t the stinky foam sissy stuff that you get two pieces of…this is the real deal, a textured rubber grip that provides real control, real grip, real performance…yet is comfortable enough for those long gaming sessions
  • ☢️ Elite pro gamers appreciate precision design, and we came through! Our testers lost their collective minds with the details we include. Pc Controller needs are met here!
  • 💻 COMPUTER DESIGNED AND PRECISION CUT HERE IN THE USA! Who the freak does this anymore? We do! All our materials are made in the USA, and we do all the design and cutting…right here in Louisville Kentucky.
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  • Sweaty Hands?
  • Lack of Feeling or Feedback?
  • Slippery Plastic Controller?
  • Sick of Holding a Woobie or Stinky Foam Grip?

Dragon Grips has come to help you become the Hero you were made to be.  Be it slaying Dragons (easy there), Driving in GTA, or Combat, we have your grip needs covered!

Textured, Rubberized, Self Adhesive Grip Wrap that’s only .5mm Thick (super thin).

Dragon Grips has been selling self adhesive grip sets since 2017, mostly in a DYI sheet or in precut generic shapes that you can add to almost anything.  Well, it turns out that a lot of Gamers have been using our grips for their preferred grip enhancement and many of them reached out to us wanting something special…something just for them.  It took a while getting the adhesive right, the texture just right, the Computer models just right but…we did it.   Dragon Grips controller wraps are the bomb baby!  Providing all day/night comfort with enhanced grip that frees you from fear of moisture slippage and sweat problems.  It’s not too soft like the sissy foam pads, and it isn’t too hard like some we came across…  I think we found the perfect balance of firmly soft with just the right of texture.  Try it yourself!  You’re gonna love it…you’re competition is gonna hate that you have it.


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