Dragon Grips Grip Tape Cell Phone Grip Stickers Mouse Grip Tape. Black 5″x7″ Multi Purpose Rubberized Grip Stickers. Rubber Grip Adhesive Strips for Phone, Laptop, iPad, iPhone, Tablets & Gaming


  • MULTI-PURPOSE GRIPS FOR ANYTHING. Our grip tape textured adhesive grip pads can be used on almost any household item or electronic device. Cell phone case, gaming controller, keyboard, mouse, laptop, tablet, and even tactical and construction tools.
  • TEXTURED NON SLIP RUBBER GRIPS. Dragon Grips are anti slip textured rubber decals that apply easily to any smooth surface for an extra grip even with sweaty hands. Perfect gamer grip tape for mouse. A nonslip drag clicking tape for gamers.
  • EASY TO CLEAN AND WATERPROOF. Made of PVC synthetic rubber material with a pressure sensitive adhesive for an easy peel and stick application, Our grips are waterproof after being applied to a smooth surface and easy to clean with non solvents.
  • PRE CUT FOR ANY APPLICATION. Only 0.5mm thick (0.02″), these grips are thin and durable for small items like keys and small keyboard buttons. Perfect camera grip tape and will wrap around curved edges on laptops, phones, and tools.
  • 100% MADE, MANUFACTURED, AND PACKAGED IN THE USA. Don’t be confused by competitors who use cheap, substandard materials. Dragon Grips products entire supply chain is based in the USA and comes with a 1 year manufacturers warranty no questions asked.
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Dragon Grips: Hold on to the things you love

Dragon Grips For Phones game controllers

Dragon Grips

Wow, the applications are unlimited. From gaming mouse and controllers to phone cases, fingernail clippers to laptops, these amazing Dragon Grips decals help you get a hold of the items that naturally fail our normal grasp. Conforms easily to curves like on the edge of your phone. Add a little heat from a hairdryer and the adhesive flows even deeper into the micropores on the surface of your project. To remove, simply apply a little heat and peel off. On the off chance, a little residue is left, simple solvents like goof-off take it right off.

I started this company because I had a problem. I had a beautiful new phone that I had just purchased, put in my pocket, then proceeded to pull it out as I walked across a Home Depot parking lot. The problem was that when I pulled it out, it slipped from my hands, dropped to my foot, and became airborne as I stepped. This resulted in a good 10-yard punt that made me glad that I had the insurance on my 800 dollar phone.

I promptly began the search for the perfect case but became entangled in Goldie locks and the Three Bears story with each being too thick, too thin, too awkward, too ugly…it was awful! I wanted a simple solution that would prevent me from losing grip and dropping the phone, not something that protected it after the fall. I began a 6-month quest to find the perfect balance of being grippy but not something that would come out of my pocket looking like a lint trap if you could get it out at all. I found the perfect texturized rubber product and proceeded to perfect a way to cut it efficiently. That was the day Dragon Grips was born!


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