Dragon Grips 13pc Clear Grip Tape Decal Stickers for iPhone Tablet Mouse Computer Textured Silicone Rubber Traction Grip Adhesive (Clear)


  • Clear grip tape decal set for Cell phones, cell phone cases, laptops, tablet, stylus pencil, tumbler
  • Gaming Non-slip grip stickers for controllers, control pads, gaming mouse, gas pedals
  • Many Crafting uses like scrapbooking, sewing and quilting straight edges, rulers, guide templates
  • Anti-slip grip for personal care items like nail clippers, toenail cutter, tweezers, walker handle
  • Made in the USA with the USA made materials by a Louisville KY small business with a 1-year warranty


Stop Dropping Your Stuff!!! 
Dragon Grips high-performance grip tape decals help you be the hero, your own hero!  Our textured rubber grip tape stickers provide extra traction between your fingers and whatever you (or someone you know) might drop!  Be that superhero who has that iron-fisted grip on everything.

At only .5mm thick, you can barely tell the difference between that new $1000 cell phone made of non-stick Teflon like coating that is going to fly out of your hand towards the nearest rock every time you pull it out of your pocket.  Until now, your only chance of preventing that was a 30-pound case with enough bulk to make your friends think your phone is a member of Gold’s Gym and can bench press more than Arnold (back in the day).

Speaking of aging action heroes, did you know that Dragon Grips can be applied to personal care products like fingernail and toenail clippers?  This provides real aging heroes that extra grip when experiencing nephropathy in their fingers.  As a dad of two little guys with sensory needs and low muscle tone, my little guys have this on several toys, their tablets, their fake cell phones, silverware, tumblers, and much more (it is dishwasher safe too, top shelf).  That extra added traction provides them a level of normalcy that is often undetected by those around them!  From the elderly to the disabled, we help those who need that little enhanced grip to feel closer to what many call normal.

Then there are the keyboard warriors who love the added advantage of being able to grip their controller or mouse, taking control of the battlefield or virtual bowling ally.  The R/C vehicle world and drone guys love this on their controllers too!  Those things can be slick…we help you win that race or take that drone action shot in the rain.

Need some added grip?  Buy your Dragon Grips today!


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