What a strange couple months!

We really want to thank all our Dragon Grips customers for their loyal support of our little family business! We have a few really cool announcements to make.

  1.  We have been able to run this whole thing with just the family since early March.  We put our employees on paid vacation and changed the business model a bit (Amazon was showing 6-8 weeks for deliver of our products) and started fulfilling all our orders right from the shop.  We really miss our young ladies who do our packaging and will be bringing them back in early June… this will create some time to relax for a bit, except for bullet point number 3
  2.  We have been on full lockdown since early March because of the boys, causing bullet point number 1, and have gotten some amazingly creative essential business items to make sure we are not a cause of spread of this covid stuff.  My favorite product is our hand sanitizer from one of the local distilleries.  We got a few gallons from, wait for it….wait for it…Moonshine University!  Only in Kentucky could that ever happen!  We are grateful for our local small business who stepped up and went from great bourbon and legal shine, to hand sanitizer in just a few days.  And this stuff smells amazing!
  3. Big Announcement number 3!  We are moving!!!  Our shop is on the bottom floor of our house and it is tight, especially with our employees coming in.  The new house has 3 times the space that will be utilized immediately and has another 2000 square foot shop that will be transformed into our main location over the next year.  We are so excited to continue to give you great products and to be able to have the space to develop and test many new products.  We are very thankful for everyone who has made this possible.

2020 has been a crazy year so far, but it’s gonna be a great year.  I want to inspire all of you to continue to be amazing people.  Let’s kick early 2020 in the face and turn this thing around, together.  Keep safe out there.  And, again, thanks for being part of our family business.





This June move is gonna be hot…