Xbox One Controller grip set

Dragon Grips Xbox One controller grip set with handle pieces, D-pad, control stick top grip, buttons, and more!

Xbox one controller back side and top details

All these months of testing…all these pieces of grip perfection!

PS4 Dragon Grip contoller grip

after months of design and testing by a ton of people…grip has been fully achieved

Wow, its already the end of February 2020!  It has been a crazy busy winter that failed to bring the lazy days of reading around the fireplace, sipping on that cuban style coffee, watching the boys work on a puzzle while snow gently falls on the grounds of the Castle.  It’s been a bit more chaos than anything!  Nerf bullets flying by my head as I frantically readjust a corner here, a curve’s radius there, with Josiah’s newest hero singing in the background (if you know Alan Jackson, we need to talk…Josiah is best friends with him and the poor guy doesn’t even know it)!  What has the lead designer, main product tester, Dragon Master in Chief been working on?  Well, since you asked…and hundreds of people before you… This is it!  Well, these are it!

New Products for March!!!!

We are releasing, with much fanfare, Dragon Grips Game Master Series.  What the what?  Yes, our customers have used our basic hexagons and rectangle kits for years now on their Playstation and Xbox controllers but kept asking for more!  As a guy with vehicle wrap experience this should be easy right?   WRONG!!!  See, once you take a product that is made thin and flat, and ask it to go around compound curves in every direction…it fights you tooth and nail.  My first response, as usual, was to bring out the swords and fire to tame the beastly grips and make them submit to the controllers in question.  Guys, fire and sword are not always the answer…sometimes 3D modeling and Computer design come into play.  What was supposed to take weeks, took months, then more months of testing and revision until we got something we are proud to put our name on!


Introducing the Dragon Grips Playstation 4 dualshock controller grip set lite, the Dragon Grips PS4 Dualshock controller grip set professional, the Xbox one controller grip set, and the Keyboard Warrior grip set.  Gamers, we got your back!

Unlike our competitors, we are bringing you a full grip experience for whatever controller you have.  This isn’t just the part that slips out of your hands when things get intense and fire is reigning down on you from a hideous beast above, this is triggers, buttons, d-pads and extra bits and pieces to put on whatever you need it on (except the cat…don’t put it on the cat, they are evil and will kill you in your sleep).  Then we decided to help out you PC gamer guys and tested a few options and came out with both our black and, at a few testers request, the clear (they really wanted that sweet back lighting to come through…and it looks freakin sweet!)