You be You and Rock an Awesome Grip Like Josiah.

Admit it, the iPhone has always been on the cutting edge of style and function.  Their sleek designs always outdoing their previous designs and their competitors, but that’s not all that is sleek in the world of Apple products.  I actually just gave Josiah my old iPhone 3GS that I found in the bottom of the box of obsolete cords that every dad is required to have by law.  He’s been wooing the ladies and watching Hallmark movies so he needs that sophisticated cell that all the Hallmark men have, and instead of giving him one of the many dummy phones we use for design, I gave him the old 3GS (BTW, that box did not contain the charger…ironic huh).  So, business man Josiah is dressed up in his button up shirt, his black slacks, and his fedora, talking to you apparently (“Hello, this is Josiah with Dragon Grips.  How can we be of service today?  Oh, you’ll have to hold while I check to see if we have enough here!”).  After his first business call, he looked at me and said, “Dude, this needs some grip!”  Even the old iPhone was prone to fly out of your hand or off you pants leg while peeking at websites during that business meeting.  Being the father of the very important business man apparently running the company now, I had to oblige and grip that “bad boy” up!  Then, after all that, he looked at me and asked for an upgrade.  Seriously, where does this kid come up with this stuff?

Have You Ever Dropped Your Phone?

My own experience has been similar.  My first iPhone slipped out of my hand, hit my foot and went skidding across a Home Depot parking lot years ago, and the newer the phone, the slicker it gets.  Even cases don’t give you the assurance you need.  I’ve had Otterbox, Lifeproof, Griffin, and about 38 other types of cases to try to combat the dropage factor and the grip factor but it was the proverbial case of too thick, too thin, to slick, etc.  That actually led to the development of our product years ago.  I’ve had our Dragon Grips on my phone for almost 3 years, and I don’t know if its part physiological or just all grippy awesomeness, but I have  not dropped my phone.  That is awesome, and it doesn’t require a military grade backpack to store the thing in either!  Our grips are only .5mm thick (actually .5mm thin) and are not even noticeable compared to their naked counterparts.

Back to Josiah’s pre-upgraded phone, his 3GS.  I was going to do a quick dyi “how to” on this archaic piece of tech, but big brother somehow lost yesterday and we cannot find it.  So, I’ll show you the exact same thing on something more relevant, the iPhone X.

How To Get The Perfect Installation, For You!

  1. Clean the phone with something safe that will wipe off oils from you fingers and lint from your pocket.  We have a ton of Lens cleaner wipes and they work awesome.  Another choice is a little bit of isopropyl alcohol on a clean cloth. Clean it, then do it again.
  2. Chose the locations of your grips.  We are using the 13pc kit and we will get the best pieces in the best location for my hand and the grip I use on it.  There are two aspects of using our Dragon Grips.  First, the raised textured rubber material itself…it’s awesome.  Second, it is the edges of our grip provide a little bit more slip prevention if your fingers slip off the Dragon Grips.  So we will place the decals with those two factors in mind.
  3. Place the decals on with light pressure, making sure they look correct.  If they are a bit crooked, simply lift up and re-position until it looks perfect…just like you, you awesome grip master!  Once placed on, press them down firmly in place.
  4. Post heating.  I know, I know, and it is totally up to you if you want to and how much heat you want to use.  We recommend that you use a hair dryer or heat gun to liquefy the adhesive and help it flow into the micro-pores of the surface you are applying it to.  The perfect temperature, according to our adhesive manufacturer, is 120 degrees Fahrenheit.  This gives the strongest adhesion to your phone and best chance to last a long time.
  5. Go, be awesome and show your Grips off!

clean the surface

Clean with lens cleaning wipe or isopropyl alcohol

Align Dragon Grip Sticker

Align along the edge of the screen and above the antena band

Fitment of Dragon grips on Iphone x

Stick in on the front edge then wrap it around, pressing firmly after positioned.

Iphone x perfect grip with Dragon Grips 13pc kit

Grab your phone like you normally do then place the decals where you grip it. Usually on the edges, the bottom, the top and one or more on the back.